Western Academy invites you to 'look us over' at any of the upcoming OPEN HOUSE sessions. You will have the opportunity to hear about the WABC Broadcasting Program and see the radio and television broadcasting facilities. The OPEN HOUSE is a 3-1/2 hour presentation that includes the following topics:

  1. a description of the course
  2. explanation of the broadcast training
  3. tour through radio & television studios
  4. all about a career in the media
  5. job placement and hiring
  6. interview & audition
  7. distribution of application forms


Western Academy invites you to experience the OPEN HOUSE. The presentation will give you a much better understanding about the opportunities in a broadcasting career.

The information will help you decide about pursuing a career in broadcasting, and will help you determine if the Western Academy training program is the right one for you. Applications will be reviewed for acceptance on a first-come basis.


While there is no charge for attending a Western Academy OPEN HOUSE, you must make a reservation in order to attend. Reserve two seats if attending with a parent, teacher, or a friend. Please book a reservation by filling in the form below.


to reserve your seat an open house
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