Advanced TV Training

Television Reporter

WESTERN ACADEMY offers an intensive advanced television training course in using a single camera outside the studio for gathering news stories in the real world. 

It’s referred to as ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and EFP (Electronic Field Production).   The reporters are called VJ’s (Video Journalists)

This program is designed to develop skills and give comprehensive insight into video shooting and reporting  “on location”.

Video Shooting

Students will have introduction to techniques,  procedures and ideas currently used by the professional Television Industry.

Shooting video with  a single camera outside the studio is the easiest and most efficient way to cover news stories, documentaries and commercials while “on location”. The video is then edited and assembled into the finished product.

Field Camera Video involves planning the video shots, camera position, sequences and segments.  Emphasis is on enhancing good visual story development for the viewing audience.

Video Editing

Television requires people with skills in video editing.

Video footage from shooting on location “outside the studio” needs to be “cut” and assembled in a specific order to suit the story line.

The purpose of editing is primarily to guide an audience through a sequence of events and, in the process, showing them what the story is all about and what they want to see.

In the end, you've told a story, or logically traced a series of events to their conclusion.

Editing for single-camera production requires great attention to detail.

Various techniques are used in editing to ensure that the finished product will be interesting, and flow in a logical   progression of ideas to hold the viewer’s attention.

While holding to the basic continuity of a story, the “look” of a production can be enhanced by adding insert shots and cutaways. The finishing touch is to blend the segments together by adding music and audio effects to create the final product.

Western Academy students will learn the techniques of video editing to gain the skills required by today’s professional broadcasting industry.

Opportunities in Television

The expansion of VIDEO will rapidly continue in the future. Imagination and ingenuity are in great demand.

People with creativity and good working skills are needed in all areas of television and video.

As entertainment, education, business, industry, commerce,  government, and web sites all continue to increase their use of audio-visual productions, the need for qualified personnel to create video will become even greater.

The Future of Television & Video

More new television stations, plus internet video will create a continued strong demand for trained individuals. Furthermore the immense video explosion created by satellite and cable technology will also continue to require well-trained video professionals.

The New Age of Video Communications requires enthusiastic, knowledgeable individuals to staff key positions in all areas of television. There are many exciting opportunities that await you.

WESTERN ACADEMY opens the door to your career in TELEVISION!